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February 19, 2010



Oh what a big blog. Only thing missing are pics. Nice to see you back here. Has Sydney received her gift from gramma yet? Well the countdown is on for me. Only 95 more days til I retire. Love you all and miss you. Hugs and kisses to everyone.


Great Post! Love the ear comment as mine seem to be grow after every 20 mins of running and I get super annoyed trying to stuff them into my ears every 30 seconds...


Oh Carrie, you have no idea. Chris bought me an adapter thingee so that I wouldn't have to try and use the new Ipod headphones with my new Ipod (the controls are ON the headphones, how dumb is that APPLE!!). SO I have this brand new Ipod, with a brand new adapter, and a stinkin' pair of headphones that just suddenly don't work anymore??? SOOO frustrating. Argh. And it's not like you can just go out and buy some random pair from the store, even IF you can try them on (which ew, gross) there, I am NOT going to be running around the store for 20 minutes to get all sweaty and see how they stay in there. It is really one of the most frustrating events of my life. I may just go with a huge pair of DJ headphones and call it a day.

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