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August 07, 2010


Auntie Leah

Ummm what is that in Jackson's mouth???


I agree with Leah. What is that in Jackson's mouth? Another question - Where is Captain Dan's? Is this a new place?


That's the "keep quiet, we are in a busy restaurant with lots of people trying to enjoy their meals" soosie. Not sure how new the restaurant is, it's at Pointe du Chene...


Nice pictures. All 3 kids are sure sporting a tan and Isabella looks sooooo grown up and oh so pretty. You are in big trouble. LOL The $8 dress from Kohls that Sydney has on sure looks nice on her.:) Danielle - there has NOT been a picture of you - get someone to take one and post it for us. I am forgetting what my darling daughter-in-law looks like. LOL Hey an idea - get someone to take a picture of the 5 of you. Best thought of the day!


Oh mother in law, you are too funny!!! I do have pictures of me, but they are on the camera, which I do not have a camera cord, or computer to upload them onto!!! When I get home, I will upload some for you!!! There are even some good ones of ALL of us together, I promise!!!

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