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November 15, 2011



Awww! I understand how hard it is to move especially when you develop friendships. I am being selfish when I say I am glad you are moving only because it is closer to us even though it is to another province. Am hoping that you will have enough room in your new place for visitors as I plan on visiting more often. Love you all and miss you terribly.


What can I say. I have shared your ups and downs this last little while and I am so happy that things are working out. Will I be moving too :) I think so - I hope so and damn it I will be moving yoo. LOL Love to all Nana. and if Sydney gets here with Leah will move too. :) Good times ahead!


Sheesh - I need spell check. should read - if Sydney gets her wish Leah will move too!


and furthermore............Nana wasnt drinking when you wrote the above comment.!


OMG - maybe I was and still am this morning. LOL should read when SHE wrote this.


Oh My God Nana, lol. Love you.


OMG, hang on, just let me blink my tears away! I cannot even begin to think what life is going to be like here without you guys...without YOU! Living in this area for 12 years, we have had many, many friends come and go...we always got through it BUT...this time it feels so..."different." I am very happy for you, yes I really am. I keep reminding myself not to CRY because you are leaving but to SMILE because in the last little while our friendship has developed into something that will remain in my heart...FOREVER! Until we meet again, my friend...I Love You ;).
Where's the damn tissue????

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